is a company which manufactures parts that are used in the production of milk, juice, beer and other liquids such as chocolate creams,ketchup, mayonnaise,marmalade etc. The company is constituted on 01 December 1991 and successfully exists and works, peddling its products at Macedonian market, also at the markets in Kosovo and Albania. DIAN - ING main functions:

• Manufacture of equipment needed for one dairy company to receive, manufacture and ready-made milk products, as for liquide programme (milk, youghurt,milk sour cream etc), so and for solid programme (all kinds of cheese).
• Manufacture of equipment for alteration of nature juices to the phase of packaging (pasteurization etc)
• Manufacture of equipment for making chocolate cream, ketchup, marmalades,mayonnaise.

In addition, DIAN - ING in its programme has defined and selling spare parts for the machines of our manufacture,pumps for the alimentary industry, many .... (valves, ...)